Sunday, April 12, 2009

How I Work It

Chapter two of Devil's Tongue, my magic crimes novel, is officially a working draft.

I'm sure I'll make more revisions, but I enjoy the overall feel of it. Now to see if my writing group feels the same. *chuckles* They always find stuff that needs a rewrite, but hey, that's what revision three is for.

A quick breakdown of how I organize my work. In order to keep my sanity, here's how I handle my drafts. First draft is pure story and characters. I follow my characters around, and eventually I realize what's going on with the story. Yes, even in a detective novel, I don't plot things. I discuss with my protag and then my evil guys how they would handle the situation, and toss them together into a mixture of mayhem.

Rough draft two is to work all of the big errors out - continuity, unintentional oopsies, reusing the same phrases, etc. Then I toss it over to my writing group. They help push it to the next level.

When I finish with the second draft, it's like having a mostly formed vase out of clay. This is important because I see the bumps and the flat pieces, the parts where either myself or others help me realize there's an irregularity. The third phase is smoothing it out to its final shape, so it's as ready as a whole piece in its form.

After that point, I consider it a fairly whole piece, subject only to decoration, glaze and a bake in the kiln.


M. K. Clarke said...

Very good, my dear. :)

Nits--yep, it's inevitable!--watch your "ITS" possessives.

Its plot plans = this "its" means the plans belong to your plot.

It's a dog's life = this "it's" is a shortened version of "it is" and that "is" is the verb. The "it" here is an indirect object of what that life the dog has.

Good work, kid. Carry on.

M. Dunham said...

Thanks hun, but I know the rules for its/it's. I'm actually a real grammar nazi most of the time. I only do something wrong if I misstep. :P It's not out of ignorance, but laziness or tiredness. Or in this case, a hangover. I fixed it.

M. Dunham said...

I also put an 'as' as an 'a', haha! I fixed that, too. Darn you, booze...

M. K. Clarke said...
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M. K. Clarke said...

Even grammar nazis need checking up, too, y'know *smiles*. Highlighting *every* it, though? Is IT a bIT extreme *smirk*? Like Milli Vanilli: "Blame IT On The Rain ... " ")


M. Dunham said...

LOL Nice try Missye - I saw you typo it to it. XD Also, I un-highlighted. That was an accident. Again, darn you being in a hurry. Kept trying to respond and husband kept dragging me away from the computer to watch TV. :/

klanigan said...

So many drafts! So much patience! I had no idea!

Being tagged for a typo is one of the hardest things for a "grammar Nazi." Whenever it happens to me, I pretty much deny it all and try to explain it away somehow. Haha.