Friday, December 30, 2011

Good News All Around

Well, to start off, I thought I'd let you all know about my other article which came out right before the holidays about handing a long-distance relationship while apart for the season. I've had a few people thank me already for it, which makes a gal feel good. Having been in those shoes, I wouldn't wish them on anyone.

Having said that, one big celebration for me this Christmas was getting engaged! My fiancee surprised me with a ring in my stocking. Props go to the fine jewellers at JP Miers, who designed the ring for him.He made sure to get an Australian sapphire and diamonds, too, which I was glad for on a ethical level.

I hope you all have a happy holidays! I've started diving into my writing again, so I suspect I won't be coming up for air much.

Monday, December 19, 2011

A Pause Before the Storm

This December is vastly different from last years. I'm writing full-time, working part-time, I'm enjoying summer(!) in Australia (!!), and I think my book draft, as much as I love it, will give me an asscramp by the end of it all.

But since I'm still in my little interim period of vacation between drafts, I thought I'd take a moment to point out my latest article has come out about finding a home overseas. I've got another one expected to come out soon as well.

I've read 4 books this week, and I'm finishing up a beta read for my friend's first half of her epic fantasy. Seeing her work makes me feel like a lazy poop for having a novel that's 'only 90k'. Although then I don't have the big draft issues, so there's that, I suppose. :o)

Then there's the company Christmas party tomorrow at my fave Thai place, and prepping for our quite little Christmas here. It may not be filled with tons of people, but I love it.

Of course, I've not yet dived into my draft, so ask me in a few days how I feel.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Draft Completion Afterglow

I should have posted this the day I finished, but it was pretty late into the night, and I was too tired to do so. I've finished draft two of my book, yay! I'm having a delicious week off from it while I catch up on other things (hello, overdue articles, emails, and blog posts).

The past six weeks where I did nothing but focus on my draft has been hard, but worth the effort. The results are really good, and I'm looking forward to editing it after my week off.

Onward and upward.