Friday, April 3, 2009

Discussion on Hook and the First Paragraph

I found a link to a nifty PDF that everyone should read. It's by Nat Sobel, and it discusses the first paragraph in your book and why it's so important to hook a reader from the start. Fascinating, and worth the quick read.

Nat Sobel on A Literary Agent that Reads Reviews.


Elizabeth said...

Thank you for sharing this article. It's always better when examples are shown.


klanigan said...

Oh, crap! Because I was thinking "who do I know in St. Louis? Just my grandma and she doesn't respond to my emails and such..." Meeting for coffee would have been a lot more fun than spending the evening by myself! I'm in St. Charles already and on my way back. :(

klanigan said...

Oh, and you would have known on time if you weren't on Facebook hiatus. ;)

klanigan said...

Okay, so that may be true... But I probably wouldn't have mentioned the trip even if I hadn't flaked on blogging. For some reason I tend to write about things mostly after-the-fact. It may be a habit I picked up from working at the magazine.