Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gimme a Bite

This is a new segment I’m going to start doing. Bites will contain only a bit of mind doodling.

The tear sparkled, illuminated her pale blue iris, then slid down her smooth, pale cheek. “James, you must take it.”
It was luminescent; no, how could water shine so? Yet there it fell, down into her cupped hands. She held them out to me. The opalescent orb suspended an inch above her hands. No imperfections, not a single line signifying age or wisdom graced her palms. My hair stood up on the back of my neck.
She once again pushed her palm towards me. “Take it.”
“I don’t think it’s meant for me, faerykin.” I edged back and hoped she didn’t notice or take offense. “I’m not worthy of this gift.”
It was then the faery bared pointed teeth in a predatory smile. My blood turned to ice. “But James, you’re meant to be with me. Forever.”

Note: Geared up and sent out Death Rites again. Hoping for another publishing credit to my name soon. Too many near misses with personal rejections.


De Campo said...

Damn right he should take it! It’s a magical orb right? Probably perfect for killing zombies in the next chapter.

M. Dunham said...

De Campo: Everyone knows that the secret to destroying zombies lies within faery tears.

Anonymous said...

I hope someone comes to their senses and picks up Death Rites. Still one of my favorites of yours. Also, I'm on a long weekend so I'm reading the chapter you sent me. Hope to see you online this weekend so we can talk about it!