Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Moving Overseas and Unexpected Pitfalls

Just had my latest article come out: 

For those who've moved overseas, there's some emotional aspects that no one really mentions, and which become the focal point of your life for awhile. I hope these help others who move know what they're experiencing is normal.

It's funny how even a small change can render such huge emotional tolls on a person. Sometimes we focus so hard on the practical stuff, like money and securing employment, that we forget there's an emotional part to moving.


KLo said...

Wow, there's so much I never would have even considered! My daughter wants to do a semester abroad, and I'm more torn than ever now ;-)

maria esperanza georgia noel hale said...

I think the one thing that always got me when I went overseas is the smells. Sounds weird, but I have a strong sense of smell and we lived in the city when we went to Spain. The smells there of course were completely different then living in the countryside of Michigan. The first thing I did when we moved back home to Michigan was sit outside on the porch and breathe!