Monday, December 19, 2011

A Pause Before the Storm

This December is vastly different from last years. I'm writing full-time, working part-time, I'm enjoying summer(!) in Australia (!!), and I think my book draft, as much as I love it, will give me an asscramp by the end of it all.

But since I'm still in my little interim period of vacation between drafts, I thought I'd take a moment to point out my latest article has come out about finding a home overseas. I've got another one expected to come out soon as well.

I've read 4 books this week, and I'm finishing up a beta read for my friend's first half of her epic fantasy. Seeing her work makes me feel like a lazy poop for having a novel that's 'only 90k'. Although then I don't have the big draft issues, so there's that, I suppose. :o)

Then there's the company Christmas party tomorrow at my fave Thai place, and prepping for our quite little Christmas here. It may not be filled with tons of people, but I love it.

Of course, I've not yet dived into my draft, so ask me in a few days how I feel.

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