Monday, December 12, 2011

Draft Completion Afterglow

I should have posted this the day I finished, but it was pretty late into the night, and I was too tired to do so. I've finished draft two of my book, yay! I'm having a delicious week off from it while I catch up on other things (hello, overdue articles, emails, and blog posts).

The past six weeks where I did nothing but focus on my draft has been hard, but worth the effort. The results are really good, and I'm looking forward to editing it after my week off.

Onward and upward.


Dale said...

Woo hoo. Enjoy the present freedom Marisol, after getting that draft finished.

M. Dunham said...

Thanks, Dale, I am trying to soak up the time off for all it's worth. I've found that I can't keep still, though - I've been plenty busy doing everything else, haha!