Friday, July 17, 2009

New Blogs to Watch, Links, and Friday (huzzah!)

Friday mish-mash time. I don't know about you, but I work a full-time job to support my writing addiction. Good thing paying out for paper, printer ink, highlighters and pens is pretty cheap.


I didn't buy a crate of highlighters. Heavens no!

So. Ahem. Links and fun things! Nathan Bransford's post on Thursday covers/links the three big published articles on the e-book pricing debate. Since publishers have been mum, people have decided to take the questions to them. Take a look - the articles are good.

A new blog that started this week by a person who works in the sales department of a major trade book publisher. We readers have been promised information and explanations on how acquisitions work. My favorite post so far has been the one about Bookscan, which is used to comp a writer's sales numbers and determines if your future works will be purchased.

Take a look also at this nifty PDF about the companies that participate in Bookscan (it's about halfway down, and it's the only PDF link in the post. Sorry, but can't figure out how to get my own PDF to load and my eyes are burning tired). It's recent as of January 2009.

A blog that isn't new but one I just started reading is by Andrew Zack, literary agent. Another good industry blogger, I quickly found.

I have more PDF's to share, but I need to figure out a document viewer thingie. No time this morning. Need to get the car into the shop, give kitty her meds, hit work, finish revising my chapters for the week, plan a cookout, buy highli - er clean house...

Notice sleep doesn't come in there. Sleep is for the well-established author.


Glynis said...

Thanks for the links, I will look them up. I follow Nathan's blog, it is a good one for info.

Danyelle said...

Awesome links. *snicker re: sleep* Hope you're feeling better. :)