Monday, October 27, 2008

Ea, the Clever Prince(?), was under oath with them
so he repeated their talk to the reed house:
'Reed hut, reed hut! Wall, wall!
O man of Shuruppak, son of Ubartutu:
Tear down the house and build a boat!
- Gilgamesh, Tablet XI

Who can say of mankind and all of its creations?
Will all of these letters and words which become sentences and stories
become something greater? Or will the story change until it ceases to exist?

Editor's Note: I am pissed I can't find the cuneiform to make this a wholly more fascinating post.

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Anonymous said...

This is my second favorite tablet after VI. The story of a great flood that nearly wiped out humanity, ordered by a god, and about a man warned by another god and told to build a giant boat to carry the seed of every living thing.

Sound familiar? Yeah.