Sunday, July 24, 2011

Great Writing Advice and Update

My latest article is out on I hope you enjoy it!

Also, my friend sent me this video advice for writing. It's great, everyone who wants to write should watch it:

This is the sort of stuff that gets repeated time and again, yet no one listens. So often, new writers assume there's some sort of magic secret where those of us who have published sit down, magically flow out 3000 words in an hour, then head off to our book clubs. It's not like that. It's butt in the seat, staring at the screen, and typing it out no matter how terrible it sounds. And then editing as much as it takes for it to shine.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps some of us didn't want to write a book, we thought we did. We wanted to have written a novel or what have you. I stopped by because I noticed you were in Australia where I hang out a bit. Enjoyed reading here a while. Cheers.