Sunday, March 6, 2011


When people tell me they want to or can write a book, I always want to reply "Do you have any idea how much preparation goes into that?"

But then I'd sound like my mom, so I don't.

Seriously, though - nothing drives home this point more than one of my pending projects. As I prepare to go into full-time writing mode in May, I've dug up one of my favorite projects I've had to put on hold for almost two years due to the extensive amount of research I need to do.

I'd actually had difficulty digging up source material for this particular piece - there are a lot of facts I need about the historical setting, and I just couldn't find the raw data I needed to make it accurate. And I didn't want to pull it outta thin air. It's a surefire way to get people grumbling.

This morning, however, using the connections I made, I finally made serious headway into finding the sources I need to get the work done.

I can't wait to write this book. It's just as interesting as my fantasy/mystery writing has been, and I'm prepared for yet another long haul filled with reading, notes, and charts before I can write this story down.

Don't kid yourself, I had to do the exact same thing with my personal series, only it was tougher because I had to make everything up in a way that makes logical sense. Yes, magic can make logical sense - it just requires a lot of forethought.

I can't wait for May - so much to do!

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