Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm taking a four-day writing weekend starting at 4:30 this afternoon. In light of this and my serious writing slackage of the past two weeks, I'm having a blackout - no blog whoring until I've reached my goal. I can take breaks, do fun stuff, slack, nap, read... but I'm not going to be internet hopping much because I get sucked in and don't surface for about three hours once I get started.

I'm an intense focuser by nature, and I need to write the way a sexaholic needs to get laid. I'm getting tetchy because I haven't done as much as I usually do, and my husband is scared of my ferocity.

My writing goals for this four day weekend:
  1. Go over rough draft and create an outline of where the story goes/is supposed to go, and note where serious changes in chapters are needed. (In the works)
  2. Story rewrite #1 - I'm going to go through the rough draft and fix plot holes/inconsistences.
By the time I finish adding in the things I need, my rough draft will be 20k-30k more than the previous time, but I'm not worried. I know where it's going now. I've got a road map in the works. *grin*

Coming up next week: My facebook hiatus is over, and I'm going to blog about it. Also, I should be finding out if I made it into the two week writer's conference, and I'm antsy.

I will be back, never fear.

This blog will be on Blackout at 5:00 PM CST. Seacrest out.


The Screaming Guppy said...

"I'm an intense focuser by nature, and I need to write the way a sexaholic needs to get laid."


Good luck with your writing weekend!

Anonymous said...

Good luck and have fun with your writing retreat! I can't wait to hear about your Facebook results next week!

Anonymous said...

Will you send me an email some time this weekend and let me know of any scheduled break time you might be online? Want 2 tawk 2 yew.

Windsong said...

Good luck with your goals and happy writing!