Sunday, January 18, 2009

Still chugging along!

Sorry I haven't posted much of late. I've been quite busy studying for the GRE, getting a new job... you know, the perks of working hard. ;) I've also been really busy reading all of my friends' material, since they've all popped either a half a novel or a full novel my way, and so I'm tearing through the bookload with a sure and steady stream of critiques. C'est la vie.

For anyone living in Saint Louis or visiting, there's this nifty place called the Third Degree Glass factor on Delmar that you can go to and make stuff, take classes, or browse the gallery and purchase something. Their website:

To celebrate my new job, Justin bought me a paperweight to put on my desk that I lusted after. It reminds me of yummy desserts.


Jeffrey said...

it is awesome, but it looks like a frozen jellyfish. ^_^

M. K. Clarke said...

Congrats on the new job (what is it in, BTW?), the paperweight, NaNo and yeah, I read that Piers Anthony link. He's the man, right up there with Brooks and Lewis (Sorry, kid, I tried Tolkien. Not my thing *grin*).

Glad to see you're back writing. Could you do me a solid, please? Link my blog to yours as a follower (I have yours listed as a follower, too). It holds me accountable to write and keeps my blog updated, too.

Yeap, my zany characters won't quit in my head, either. When you start dreaming about them. . .time to get it in black/white-like *grin*.

~Missye (who wishes writing tools came in pretty sepia tones like photographs do).