Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Summary and A Farewell

I promised I would put a brief summary of my novel up. Here it is:

New city, new job, same old bodies. Well, the same as could be expected when magic is involved. For Akemi, one of the few fully trained magic crimes CSI's, Saint Louis isn't so different from New Orleans, where Akemi gained field experience in America's magical hotbed, hodgepodge home of magicians of all creeds. Two murders have thrust her into a political and religious fiasco. With the magic rights activist Asher Phillips and conservative Christians Against Magic Movement's vice president Thomas Richter now both in the morgue, Akemi has her work cut out for her digging up the real player behind the scenes. More deadly than the magic used to kill the men are the shadows behind the power, and Akemi needs to sort through the mess before Saint Louis explodes into a fight between those who use and those who fear magic.

Work has slowed due to extenuating circumstances beyond my control, but I will have the first draft complete by next weekend.

Current WordCount: 61,000

Rest in Peace
Tommy Nguyen


M. K. Clarke said...


Nice premise! Sounds like you're going at a good clip dealing on the complexities of this work. Good job.

Coupla teensy nits: Try to shorten your synopsis. Although you don't want to give away your book's ending--and you haven't done that here--consider a tighter, clean, one-time hook. Think of it as writing jacket copy. Take a look at some in the bookstores. One of my favorite jacket copies is Rowling's in Harry Potter 5. Right there, she nailed my heart and my nosiness in reading this book.
I've heard it said once if you sell an an agent on a tight synopsis hook, they use that to snag the editor...who uses THAT to persuade the acq editor...and who uses THAT to hook the buyer. Ultimately, the hook's gotta grab the reader..and them's the ones you get the $$$ from :-)

Just some thoughts.

M. K. Clarke said...

I take vack what I said about J.K. Rowling's bok, after today's ruling. Shoulda handled her business better prior to getting this big, but I digress. :)

I'm so sorry for your loss. He must've been an incredible person to have influenced your life as much as he'd done. He will be missed, and cliched or not, he really is in a better place.

As for JD RN III, I'm still revising I and II. Barrie, Sid and you haven't seen EN II yet to jump in III, yet, so you're honna havfta keep readin' my blog to keep entertained, NYAH!!! :p :D. And, I'm also part of a crit group website called Critique Circle, where a minimalist writer and Tom from the Well are members there. Tal about getting my work sliced and diced, babykinz. I'm getting the first three chapters tight to send to prospectives in the coming year.

I'm in RN XII of the 1st draft, a nib over 30K words. As soon as I get the tightness down of the final draft of RNs I-III , I'll be in the tail end of the middle part and can get into the homestretch, everyone'll get to slice/dice the beginnings. There's a method to my madness.

My next blog update'll be this J.K. Rowling case. I'm not happy with thir ruling, but you'll read more why this is.

Toodles--and welcome home. :)