Sunday, May 20, 2007


After spending some time stewing over my innate dislike of my faery story, I finally realized what about it I disliked so much. It's not that my writing or the story is bad, but rather half of what I've written is really backstory. So, I've got about 35,000 down in Carwyn's world, and half of that will be axed. I am perfectly fine with this, though. You'd think I'd be upset, but I really want to write an extremely engaging, action-oriented novel. And I've realized saying that a medieval society is incapable of moving quickly is a big, fat, stinky excuse. Even I have started to say it once or twice.

After reading Poison Study and the follow-up to it, I've realized just how possible it is to write a compact novel. It shouldn't feel strung out, as the beginning of mine currently does.

So, I'm going to fix it.

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